Welcome to RGNplus13

Welcome to the RGNplus13 homepage. I have a passion for photography and travel. So I mix the two together by traveling to areas that I would like to photgragh. During the winter I shoot high school sports and the imags can be found on the web at FW Daily Sports.

The first time that I ever used a SLR camera was the 1979 Indianapolis 500. A couple years later I bought a used Canon AE-1 that I used for almost 20 years. It was when I bought the new DSLR that I really started to take an interest. My learning curve was faster than with the Canon. The cost of operating the DSLR was less than the film camera which also made it more appealling.

The first time any of my pictures were published was when I worked at Lingenfelter Racing. One of the early parts catalogs that were offered used images of parts that I took. I have not been published a lot but there are different web sites or small publications that have used images of mine. It is always a great feeling to see a photo that you took published in a magazine, book, or web site.

I hope that you enjoy the web site. Comments and questions are always welcome.